DTF Printing

DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing prints your designs directly onto a 600mm wide film with ultra soft inks. The prints are layered with white ink on the bottom to allow full colour and vibrancy regardless of the colour of the material the design is intended for. After being cut away from the rest of the roll, the designs are ready for heat pressing. No weeding necessary. 

DTF transfers have a soft and smooth feel that is different from the fabric it adheres to. Under proper care, the designs are rated for 100 washes before showing natural wear. 

Most commonly used for apparel, DTF can also be applied to bags, canvas, textiles, and more.

Our DTF machine has 3 separate print heads for CMYK, white, and fluro inks. We are one of very few places that are capable of fluro ink DTF printing. Gold and metallic printing coming very soon.