Curious how our tees measure up?
Well that all comes down to the colour!

We try to stick to AS Colour for our tees, but they don't make some colours that we use!  For those ones, we use Ramo.  Sometimes we'll need to go for Ramo if we can't get stock of AS, so if you want one or the other specifically, please let us know.

For sizes 6/7XL we tend to go for JBs Wear.

Typical brand choice based on colour:
White = AS Colour
Grey Marle = AS Colour
Black = AS Colour
Charcoal = AS Colour
Sky Blue = AS Colour
Arctic Blue = AS Colour
Royal Blue = AS Colour
Navy Blue = AS Colour
Forest Green = AS Colour
Emerald Green = Ramo
Lime Green = Ramo
Yellow = AS Colour
Orange = AS Colour
Red = AS Colour
Maroon = AS Colour
Hot Pink = Ramo
Grape Purple = AS Colour

AS Colour Sizing

Ramo Sizing

JBs Wear Sizing