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Once upon a time, there was a kid.

This kid liked cars, but was a car kid in spirit only, he didn't have any cash to spend on his car, so instead, he hand-made stickers and played around in ms paint to see what 26" wheels looked like on a VW beetle.  What started out as an innocent outlet of vehicular creativity soon grew into something more.  From there, the car kid discovered Photoshop and creativity bloomed.  Animated gifs were discovered as well as layers, effects and brushes.  All sorts of wacky and wonderful things were possible.  A v8 in a Mini, a targa top Silvia, a slammed Austin Allegro...

The kid got a lame retail job, the job was enough to pay rent, but a decision had to be made whether to pay for car modifications, or registration.  It was 2008 and it was looking like modified car dreams would be crushed until the kid had an idea; his car club needed some tees - he could design something in photoshop, get them made up and sell for a profit!  A design was drawn up and received with much enthusiasm, it was a big process, lots of organisation and lots of legwork, but in the end, rego was paid for AND car modifications were had.  **I N S P I R A T I O N**

The kid got a job in design and soon discovered a program called Illustrator.  Illustrator opened the kid's eyes, he fell in love with it.  Although there was no use for it in the design job, car kid spent hours and hours staying back after work to learn how to use it.  He drew cars from scratch and soon built a small portfolio of designs which he then uploaded to an online t-shirt store.  The tees were all outsourced and he soon realised that when someone else is making your gear, you have no control over the quality.  He could see that he had to take a more hands on approach.

At this time, he purchased a Datsun Bluebird - Burubado in Japanese.  Online, people began calling him Burubado.  (Buru-Bado ... Blue-Bird - no shit mystery solved!)

With an identity, a reputation for great design and an unstoppable drive, Burubado decided it was time to get serious.  He saved up and purchased a vinyl cutter, a heat press, some top of the range vinyl and some blank tees and he began teaching himself how to make tees and stickers from initial design through to a completed end product.  With a few small sales under his belt he proclaimed "IT IS TIME" and launched the Burubado Facebook page.

Word travelled fast, for every order completed, Burubado saw two more come back.  With a popular, high quality product manufactured in house, it was clearly time to Launch burubado.com - an online store for the Car Club tees and stickers.  An ugly, cheap, clunky store was built and immediately started moving product.  As other car clubs heard of the way Burubado was helping this club, they started asking questions.  Burubado made it easy for them to sell their merch online and enabled fundraising without any work on their behalf. 

Soon, Burubado had a whole list of clubs selling through his store as well as a large number of people ordering custom stickers and tees through the Burubado Facebook page.  Burubado soon went from taking up one room of the house, to pretty much all of it.  The current house was sold and another more suitable one purchased, but soon Burubado began taking over the new house too.  It was time for a dedicated building.  A shed was built and the fit out slowly pieced together bit by bit.  Each week a new bench, rack, shelf or table was added until the shed was a well set up, productive workspace.

Work continued ramping up and Burubado was all of a sudden a full time job on top of the day job.  Two full time jobs will wear someone out faster than a cheap sticker in the sun.  It couldn't continue at that pace, so the decision was made to take Burubado full time.  With 10 years at the day job and the resulting accumulated long service leave, it became reality.  The leave was cashed in and combined with savings to purchase an entry level Roland printer, vinyl, laminate and a laminator.  The learning once again began....

Being able to digital print stickers and tees opened up a world of endless possibilities, Burubado taught himself quickly and was able to finally produce the highest possible quality stickers and tees and soon everyone was raving about them.  A new online store was built (which has evolved over time into this one!) and everything was cranking along superbly.  Word quickly spread once again, as everyone saw the new product.  A new method of creating special effect stickers was devised and saw incredibly vibrant stickers at a quality usually only seen at the highest end of the market.

Oh dear, Burubado outgrew the entry level printer!  In business you tend to identify bottlenecks in your setup and then have to work towards rectifying it.  The solution for this bottleneck was to buy a massive, professional grade printer and laminator.  With a print width of just under 1500mm, capacity was drastically increased.  At this time Burubado had a kid of his own and took on the role of parent seriously working with young child in carrier for a lot of his working week.

As the child grew older the balance between being at home and being at kindy shifted and Burubado was pretty much back to normal only having daddy day one day a week.

Around this point Burubado began embracing another hobby he was interested in - the furry fandom.  The rapid growth of the business had pushed all hobbies aside for years, but there was now an opportunity to really get involved in this one, by printing artwork for other members of the fandom.

The amount of Furry stuff being printed was steadily increasing along with the veracity of the fandom and much to the delight of Burubado, it got to the point where a hobby and a job could work together and the decision was made to begin attending conventions as a dealer.

After a few years absolutely cranking out stickers, apparel and signage, it was time to retire the pro machines and step it up another few notches.  The decision was made to upgrade to a UV printer and add a second, dedicated apparel printer to the shop.  This allows two types of prints to crank out at once and has the added benefit of being mobile enough to take to conventions and print shirts on the spot.

Digital Dealers Den was born!  With a large collection of shirt designs from many talented artists, Burubado can now print amazing furry themed tees on demand AND at conventions whilst supporting the artists behind the designs.

Well it looks like we've arrived at today.  Burubado is in the shed working non stop still and saving madly for the next step up.  What will it be?  I guess we'll have to watch this space!

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