We've got a lot of history to cover so we'll try to keep it short and sweet, and at the end we'll give you a FREE CAT


Burubado first started in 2011 by the ever passionate Joel. Following their love for cars and making sweet designs in illustrator, they'd find themselves supplying car clubs with an easy way to get shirts and stickers made. As this grew and grew, they'd eventually get their very own professional wide format printers to be able to print their designs locally as well. This proved to be a very successful business model!

Eventually this would extend their reach into artist driven fandoms as well such as furry, cosplay, and anime. They'd even bring one of their printers to conventions and print shirts right on the spot! Needless to say, Burubado has always made an impact.

Come to 2022, Joel's circumstances had changed and they made the very difficult decision to sell the Burubado business in its entirety. In October of that year the handover was official. 

Meet Burubado's new and current owners: AJ and Nicole! 

Not only were they mutuals of Joel but they had been previous customers and were always huge fans of Joel's work. AJ already had print experience, Nicole was already familiar with the design programs, together they were experienced in art and content creation, so taking on Burubado was a decision that made all too much sense. After Joel's training they were quickly fully operational and Burubado was back in business. Literally! 

They managed to cram everything into their small Mount Gravatt home, but rapidly outgrew it and moved to new place all the way out in Fernvale. This property had the perfect shed to run the business out of, it was almost as big as the entire previous house!

Soon after moving, AJ finished her course in car wrapping and was now able to bring that to Burubado's ever growing list of awesome abilities as well. 

That's the story so far, and it's far from the end! Who knows what's next for Burubado's exciting future as it unfolds. 


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