Catch up time!

After the last few weeks, there is a bunch of catch up work to do!
*Activate late night mode*

This morning I took the time to perform manual cleans on both the VS640i and BN20 printers, it is something that needs to be done pretty regularly so they don't gunk up.  When they gunk up, print quality suffers and we can't have that!
The process involves partially dismantling the printer to get an the insidey bits, you use swabs and cleaning fluid to clean the surrounds of the head, the wipers and the waste collector seals.  There is a time limit of 30 minutes so the heads don't dry out, so you can't dawdle!

Now I'm going to start on catching up on my workload.  Firstly, I need to sort out shop orders that came through during my week away.  I have a bunch of boot flags to post off, because the are ready to go, I need to make an AusZoku tee, some Inanimate Carbon Rod stickers, Inanimate Carbon Rod tees, a Brain Dead Drifters sticker, a pair of Perth X Chassis stickers and some of the ever popular ACA 'hoon' stickers.

I'll set off a couple of print jobs for this arvo, the stickers need to outgas overnight before I am able to laminate and cut them tomorrow.  It looks like I'm ready to dedicate the majority of my afternoon to messages.  As always, please ensure you send Burubado related messages to the Burubado page, messages are too easy to lose in my personal account because for some reason when I open the messenger app on my phone, the messages get marked as read on my computer before I have a chance to respond.

Thanks for sticking with Burubado!

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