Cool Stuff We're Making Today.

Ok, back in the house.

Once again playing catch up. I am also running on next to no sleep due to teething baby, so expect progress to be slow.If I haven't replied to you yet, please don't take it personally.Best place to message for stickers/tees/signage is here on the Burubado page.  Please don't message my personal account, the messages on the page take priority and I'm still having issues with unread messages appearing as read on that account.If there is a lot of design work in your job, it will take longer because design takes time.  To speed up the process, please be clear with...

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End of the week.

Last day this week to cram in as much work as possible.First, here's some from yesterday:Club stickers For LowBallersDC.Today, on top of my assault on my inbox, I'll be posting out a Boot Flag, printing some DopeKoto stickers, an Inanimate Carbon Rod tee, and some RollaClub stickers.Have a great weekend!

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Plenty to do, never enough time.

Damn I hate being time poor.  There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.Yesterday I made these Touge Classic stickers  I do like making club stickers.  These guys design their own ready to print files which makes the process super fast.I've decided to set up an item in the store to fast track club sticker ordering for those who have a file ready to print.You can order here: have set it up so there is a discount for higher volume orders.Today I'll be continuing my assault on unread messages.  I'm getting through the...

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Hump Day

Ran out of overlaminate today which necessitated a trip to my supplier to pick up a new roll.  I also grabbed some printable window film because I want to try a printed window inside my house.The rest of today is full of printing Touge Classic stickers, arrows for the Supercheap Auto Conference and replying to messages.Not exciting, but not every day is!

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Catch up time!

After the last few weeks, there is a bunch of catch up work to do!*Activate late night mode*This morning I took the time to perform manual cleans on both the VS640i and BN20 printers, it is something that needs to be done pretty regularly so they don't gunk up.  When they gunk up, print quality suffers and we can't have that!The process involves partially dismantling the printer to get an the insidey bits, you use swabs and cleaning fluid to clean the surrounds of the head, the wipers and the waste collector seals.  There is a time limit of 30...

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