How to measure for a windscreen banner.

Windscreen banners can be tricky without proper preparation - taking a close look at your windscreen is vital.  Upon inspection, you will notice that your windscreen is likely very curved, this has a direct impact on the size your sticker will need to be.


To measure your windscreen for a banner, it is easiest if you can have some masking tape handy.

Use the masking tape to mock up how far down you would like your banner to sit.


Once you have it mocked up, all you need to do is take three measurements:
A: centre banner height.
B: side banner height
C: length along the bottom of the banner

You will probably notice that the sticker is shorter in the middle than it is on the sides, this is normal, if you want a logo on your banner, you will need to make sure the centre is tall enough to contain the logo, adjust your mock up line and remeasure if you need to.

Your banner will be supplied larger than what is required, you stick the banner to the windscreen at the height you worked out and then trim off the excess.

We supply one piece digital printed banners.  Diecut lettering is also available upon request.
Banners are made from super easy to apply, bubble free, high quality American vinyl.  Inks are UV solvent inks and all banners are laminated for long life.

Banners are printed two at a time, if you only need one banner, there may be a small delay while we wait for someone else to take the second spot.