MR SPARKLE Full Size Flag

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I'm disrespectful to dirt!  Can you see that I am serious?
Get out of my way all of you, this is no place for loafers!
Join me or die, can you do any less?

For lucky best wash, use MR. SPARKLE

As seen on The Simpsons: Fishbulb! I mean, Mr. Sparkle!

Attach it to your flag pole, your ute, your esky, your mum, but most importantly use it to banish dirt from your dishes.  It'll probably be the most versatile thing you own.

600x900mm flag with eyelets.
(A proper flag, not a fabric banner)

No, Burubado is not affiliated with The Simpsons.  We are however big fans!  We make this fan art to benefit the greater community.  Official 'obscure in-joke' merch is hard to come by and usually doesn't exist at all, so we make these just to share a laugh with fellow nerds.

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