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Vouchers are easy!

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Type the message you'd like printed on the card in the field provided.

Your voucher will be printed on a special effect vinyl which is also a sticker, the type of special effect vinyl can vary from holographics, to chromes to metallics.

The voucher will be sent to the address provided, if you'd like a PDF invoice instead of a paper one, let me know in the notes in checkout :)

Vouchers have a 2 year term from date of purchase.

You probably know how this goes down, but just in case you’re new to gift vouchers, online stores, or life in general, I will explain it.

There’s two ways you’d usually use this, first is to buy products that are up at burubado.com; Second is to purchase a custom order.

For custom stuff, the recipient will message me on facebook, or email.  We can work out the order together then I’ll pop it up at burubado.com so they can place the order using the voucher.

Here's a vid to get a better idea of what special effect vinyls do:

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