Gaze past the etherial glow and you can witness a parallel universe where all things are bright and beautiful, where all creatures live in harmony and work together, paw in paw, to create exquisite works of art for all to enjoy.Β  Their lives are ones of fulfilment and eternal joy.

They emblazon their clothing with their art to proudly show their world a glimpse into who they are, and they trade tiny prints of their artwork with others.Β  These prints have an adhesive backing which they then use to adorn their possessions and anything in life that needs more colour.

That's cool that you saw it, because I did too!Β  I managed to contact the creatures through the portal and upon explaining the state of our world, they begged me to share their art with everybody in our world.

Would you please help me spread colour through the world?

Each month you receive a mystery piece of merch based on the votes cast by Mystery T-shirt Club members, but not even they know what is coming until it arrives!

Buru's Club of Mystery