Buru's Art Den


Made by Artists, printed by Burubado

The Art Den is a place where artists become micro-vendors. Their Simply click on an artists page to see their stock, and we'll print and mail their brilliant designs, and mail direct to you.

Current vendors

Why wait for a con to get your merch fix?

Either preorder for con pickup using our CON CODES or get it delivered to your door!

Burubado, are you nice to artists?

We love artists and love to support them!  With each piece sold, the Burubado pARTner behind the design gets their cut - so you can be sure you are supporting the real talent behind the piece.  Burubado pARTners also retain full ownership of their art - no exploitation <3

Send in a photo!

We love seeing you loving your shirts and stickers!

Please send us a photo via Telegram, Email, or Social Media. It would absolutely make our day!