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The information you give here will help us fill out your vendor profile. The most important elements are a unique name, a logo and a way for us to contact you.

Vendor Restrictions

  • Adult artwork is not allowed
  • You are only allowed to post artwork made by others with express written permissions, provided by you and conformed by us.
  • Vendors must supply files of sufficient size and format for printing. We can help you with this process.

Vendor Consignment

We take your design and print it to order in house, deliver it, and send you $5.  It's that simple.

There are no fees or charges to worry about, we're just happy to be printing cool items and supporting your art at the same time!  Vendor profits are per item. $2 on small items (Such as buttons, stickers and pins) and $5 on larger items (such as shirts and prints).

Different items may have a different or percentage based consignment.


Unlike other mobs, we don't force you to sign over ownership of your art.  Your created it, so your art remains your property at every stage and you retain full rights to pull your art from sale at any time, the only thing we do with your art is print it and post photos of the end products on social media with links back to your collection to drive flow on traffic.
Burubado loves art and we want to work together to get yours out there.  We'd love to have you as a pARTner.

Welcome to the Art Den signup!

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